Stream/Download Cunabear’s Ursine Valor

The first burst of fire outside of his lighter should be akin to the steady yet bombastic rimshot kicking off a parade. This meaning that those who are just getting into cunabear will discover a heady trip into the mind of a man that is soundtracked by classic Jazz records and delivered like he was taken over part time by the soul of Busdriver.

Ursine Valor finds cunabear again walking the shaky line between 90’s jazz hip hop and loosely performed spoken word, and delivers such stream-of-consciousness lyrics in a way that feel like living in cunabear’s shoes in real time. Thoughts from anxiety to race relations to the need for meditation (as covered in the brief “Elderberry Jams”) get covered, but in a way that feels like he is trying to organize out the bullshit in life as a means of finding some kind of answer, but never quite gets there. When jazz samples doesn’t signal an ease, the psychedelic warbling samples finds us digging even further into the mind of cunabear balancing a “depressed soul and an empowered spirit”.

As he has mentioned no longer holding anyone’s hand on future recordings, hopefully, you will be along for the ride. If you are interested in hearing the WHOLE album, then yo uare encouraged to buy the whole project to hear the bonus mixes. 🙂

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